The operation of a company starts from its network. Designing a corporate network means automating and simplifying business processes, ensuring performance for users, protecting data from potential threats and reducing costs. The infrastructure is thus guaranteed greater stability, allowing the company to be competitive, flexible and responsive, away from business interruptions.



The network represents for the company what the circulatory system is for the human body. The design and construction of the network are therefore vital, both in terms of structured cabling, which must also support future workloads, as regards active equipment, which must guarantee levels of performance, scalability, safety and continuity. service required.



The workplace is less and less bound to a desk. The massive adoption of mobile devices, such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones or wifi terminals, makes it possible to work in any area of the company, freed from a specific network outlet. To allow this, and at the same time guarantee access to the services authenticated, performing, protected and segmented according to the type of user or device, it is necessary to implement an enterprise-class wireless network, integrated, performing, safe and ready for the implementation of further future services.


Bandwidth Management/SD WAN

Ensuring access to applications to mobile users, located in different locations, involves a level of considerable complexity. Simply replicating technologies used for domestic users or locations can lead to unsatisfactory results, in terms of user experience, link stability and costs. The experience gained in the implementation and management of Wan Optimization solutions, Bandwidth Management and the latest Software Defined WAN solutions, make Lantech Longwave the perfect partner to meet these needs.


Routing & Switching

The need to segment networks into protected portions, diversified by types of devices, services or users, to circumscribe potential problems to individual areas, to guarantee Quality of Service to critical applications, the implementation of IoT or Industry 4.0 solutions; and, at the same time, the need to allow communication, regulated by policies, between the different subnets: all this requires equipment capable of creating an intelligent network and, above all, the skills and experience of professionals who master the subject.

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