IT services are vital for the business of any type of company. Therefore, the role of the Data Centers has become decisive, the heart of information systems at the service of the business. Ensuring performance in line with continuously increasing needs, unpredictable scalability, high level of continuity of service, all while keeping operating costs to a minimum (which represent the submerged, but preponderant part of the cost of the iceberg): these the challenges to be faced for any new project.


Datacenter Environmental Infrastructure

If in construction the life of a building depends on the goodness of the foundations, even for a Data Center the good functioning is conditioned by the correct planning and implementation of the environments. Racks, power supply, air conditioning, sensors and monitoring, access control: elements not only appropriate, but even vital for service continuity.



Modern applications require ever increasing processing power, and as the number and type of servers grow, complexity increases in terms of management, maintenance and updating. The Cisco UCS solution, which combines the latest generation of servers with unified fabric and management and service profiling solutions, ensures total and simplified control, as well as unique provisioning and automation capabilities on the market.



The amount of data to be managed grows exponentially. The management of data is made even more complex by their heterogeneity, by the difficulty in qualifying their importance and value, by the distribution (even in the cloud) of the applications that must use them, and by the need to guarantee business continuity. The increase in the amount of data and the need for high performance leads to the growing adoption of All-Flash solutions, able to guarantee performance and capacity optimization capabilities, not available with traditional disk technologies.


Virtualization, Converged ed Hyperconverged Infrastructure

If the virtualization of servers and desktops has revolutionized the computing world, the Converged and Hyperconverged solutions represent the almost natural evolutionary step. Consolidating computing, storage, networking and hypervisor into a single certified, pre-validated infrastructure and, in the case of Hyperconvergence, embedded in a single hardware and software platform, the effort required for design, deployment, management and updates is reduced drastically reducing the gap between IT time requirements and business needs


Unified Fabric

As the IP protocol and network technologies have made it possible to consolidate technologies previously based on specific infrastructures and protocols, today it is necessary to consolidate the fabric datacenters. The business continuity needs and the exponential growth of hybrid cloud solutions require a drastic simplification of the LAN and SAN solutions of the Data Centers, and require to release the provision of IT services from the physical location of the resources on which they are set. Unified Fabric solutions allow you to “tighten” distributed data centers, and to migrate application workloads to and from the cloud, paving the way for multicloud environments


Business Continuity e Disaster Recovery

No company can now tolerate the fall of IT services indefinitely, and it can not accept data loss. Furthermore, the internationalization of the business has increased exponentially the time windows in which IT services must be guaranteed. Those who have offices or interlocutors both in the Far East and in the Americas must be able to guarantee services in H24 mode. Our designers have gained the necessary experience to define together with the Customer the requirements of the business and identify the technological and procedural solutions able to respond to these needs, and to implement, even in successive steps, the solutions identified.


IaaS e Servizi Cloud

Linking the private data center and the cloud. Longwave makes available to customers that are not easily available on the market. The collaboration with the Enterprise Data Center allows to give a complete solution.

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