Software Development

The propensity to customize each project based on the needs of our Customers has contributed to the creation of the R & D Team. A laboratory in continuous development and testing of new software solutions completely transversal with our offering.


Av Integration and Software Development

A project is not limited to the choice of hardware to be used but is based on the synergy between different components that often do not interact with each other. A team of programmers is dedicated to software development for room control systems and audio-visual systems. Lights, audio, security systems, images and much more, all constantly integrated to improve the working environment and manage it through a single management platform.



A cloud platform thanks to which it is possible to access Unified Video Communication services in managed services, on premises or hybrid. The solution allows you to take advantage of a professional high quality Telepresence system ensuring smooth images and immersive communications.



Contact Center

Innovative call center software that integrates, organizes and analyzes contacts in and out of the company. A single solution for voice, data and messaging that easily and quickly integrates with other business applications.


Video Security Solution

A series of solutions designed to increase the safety of the working environment. Thanks to IP cameras, video encoders and security software, it is possible to perform high definition monitoring not only of offices but also of production facilities, to safeguard your business.


Digital Signage

From communication to interaction between people to tell and share services through images. Info Point, Digital Board and Virtual Assistant are just some solutions that can be realized to improve the impact of communication and strengthen the brand with maximum ease of use.


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