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The Lantech//Longwave method is designed with a Personal-Customer Based approach: each solution is designed to meet customer’s needs through a feasibility study in order to come up with the most appropriate technology solution in terms of performance, reliability and security. A unique synergy for a multifaceted and integrated offering.


People integration passes from the tools. Collaborating means bringing people together and reducing distance.

Telepresence, Web and Video Conference, Voice over IP are just some of the solutions that allow you to share know-how quickly and effectively. No matter what device you use or where you are located, daily operation remains the same but at the same time productivity increases thanks to the use of reliable tools and services.

Our Collaboration solutions:

IT services are vital for the business of any type of company. Therefore, the role of the Data Centers has become decisive, the heart of information systems at the service of the business. Ensuring performance in line with continuously increasing needs, unpredictable scalability, high level of continuity of service, all while keeping operating costs to a minimum (which represent the submerged, but preponderant part of the cost of the iceberg): these the challenges to be faced for any new project.

Our Datacenter solutions:

The operation of a company starts from its network. Designing a corporate network means automating and simplifying business processes, ensuring performance for users, protecting data from potential threats and reducing costs. The infrastructure is thus guaranteed greater stability, allowing the company to be competitive, flexible and responsive, away from business interruptions.

Our Networking solutions:

Mobile users, applications increasingly distributed and complex, adoption of Cloud Computing in all its forms (Public, Private, Hybrid), Big Data, Security, IoT.

In a complex and dynamic context like this, one of the most important challenges for companies is to guarantee their users and customers adequate performance and, in the event that the performances are not guaranteed, be able to quickly perform an effective diagnosis of the problem.

All of this is also called Performance Management.

Our Performance solutions:

There is a security standard to which every company and every type of infrastructure must adapt: the highest level. In contrast to cybercrime, our approach develops in several consequential phases: assessment, design, delivery, maintenance and management.

The goal of each security strategy is to protect the data from possible attacks and mitigate the effects of possible violations to the network or computer systems, to ensure safe operations protected from risks and vulnerabilities both external and internal.

Our Security solutions:

The propensity to customize each project based on the needs of our Customers has contributed to the creation of the R & D Team. A laboratory in continuous development and testing of new software solutions completely transversal with our offering.

Our Av Integration and Software Development solutions: