People integration passes from the tools. Collaborating means bringing people together and reducing distance.

Telepresence, Web and Video Conference, Voice over IP are just some of the solutions that allow you to share know-how quickly and effectively. No matter what device you use or where you are located, daily operation remains the same but at the same time productivity increases thanks to the use of reliable tools and services.


Web & Video Conference

Simplifying the interaction between people is possible through web & video conference software solutions that can be used from desktop and / or mobile, with a view to smartworking. File sharing, messaging and smart meeting: everything is always available on traditional work tools, fixed or mobile.


Unified Communication/IP Telephony

UC solutions include IP telephony, instant messaging and desktop / mobile collaboration. All this contributes to the practical realization of the Internet of People, a new way of conceiving the collaboration between people and companies in an agile and flexible way. Cloud, on-premises and / or hybrid, a design that follows the needs of the business.


AV Integration

A project is not limited to the choice of hardware to be used but is based on the synergy between different components that often do not interact with each other. A team of programmers is dedicated to software development for room control systems and audio-visual systems. Lights, audio, security systems, images and much more, all constantly integrated to improve the working environment and manage it through a single management platform.



Visual communication is the most effective way to interact within groups and in one-to-one contexts, always putting people at the center and reducing distances.There is a room for every need, from the directional ones to the convention centers, to the smart meeting room. Each of these requires a perfect balance between lights, images, sounds: through the high definition Telepresence systems, it is possible to create immersive and engaging experiences.

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