Lion® Wan Optimization

Mobile users, distributed offices and hybrid infrastructures imply the management of increasingly large volumes of data, reducing the speed and performance of the network. Lantech Longwave’s LION® WAN Optimization service can significantly improve WAN performance in distributed network environments, increasing application performance and reducing traffic. The service allows you to have a qualitative view of network traffic and how this is optimized, in order to guarantee superior performance to the applications of greatest interest to the company business. LION® WAN Optimization allows to accelerate applications at different levels: data, transport protocol and application. With the service, IT infrastructures become more efficient, less expensive and more responsive to users’ needs. The service can also be integrated with LION® Proactive.


  • Optimization of connectivity and consequent cost containment
  • Full visibility of network traffic (use of applications and user behavior) and the level of optimization achieved
  • Better performance for users
  • Reduction of WAN traffic
  • Availability H24, 7/7
  • Proactive support
  • Direct interaction with the NOC (Italian and English)
  • Collaborative management of LION® services that allows the Customer to define in a flexible way which activities to carry out independently and which to delegate to the NOC
  • Access to the LION® Collaborative Portal portal to view the monitoring parameters