Lion® Traffic Shaping

The LION® Traffic Shaping service allows you to manage application traffic through prioritization policies. The service allows a qualitative, as well as quantitative, view of network traffic and how it is distributed, in order to ensure the availability and response time of critical applications. The service is provided by the Network Operations Center (NOC), composed of specialists with qualified technical skills, and is based on the use of Allot Communications’ Deep Inspect Paketing (Traffic Shaping), a market leader in traffic optimization technologies. and bandwidth management.


  • Full visibility of network traffic (use of applications and user behavior)
  • Optimization of connectivity and consequent cost containment
  • Traffic prioritization based on business needs
  • Bandwidth protection for the most critical or most used applications
  • Guarantee of a high level of network performance
  • Better performance for users
  • Reduction of WAN traffic
  • Availability H24, 7/7
  • Direct interaction with the NOC (Italian and English)
  • Collaborative management of LION® services that allows the Customer to define in a flexible way which activities to carry out independently and which to delegate to the NOC
  • Access to the LION® Collaborative Portal portal to view the monitoring parameters