Lion® Security Dynamic

There are tens of thousands of viruses and malware, and new ones are created every day to exploit vulnerabilities and cause significant damage to corporate networks, e-mail systems, and Web sites, or rather data, must evolve in line with the evolution of malware / ransomware.

LION® Security Dynamic aims to ensure a high degree of security, availability and performance of any network as it provides the management of security devices (Firewall, VPN Concentrator, IDS, IPS, ADS, Mail Security Gateway, Web Security and Web Content).

The LION® Security Dynamic service is delivered remotely by the Lantech Longwave SOC, securely connected (VPN) to the Customer’s network and guarantees a 360 ° security: perimeter, application, end-user, network access and data center. It is complementary to LION® Proactive services.

The service is characterized by real-time monitoring and troubleshooting activities, in order to support Customers in the complete management of their infrastructure, with the collaboration of specialists who, managing the Customer’s network and monitoring in real-time H24 the availability and the level of health, determines the possible causes of degradation and undertakes the appropriate countermeasures


  • A team of qualified and certified specialists available to the customer
  • Availability H24, 7/7
  • Continuous updating of technology platforms based on individual company characteristics • Proactive support
  • Direct interaction with the NOC (Italian and English)
  • Collaborative management of LION® services that allows the Customer to flexibly define which activities to carry out independently and which to delegate to the SOC
  • Analysis of security events for the identification and verification of possible threats
  • Access to the LION® Collaborative Portal portal to view the monitoring parameters