Lion® Performa

Users expect immediate access, to high levels of perfromance, to online content, to applications and online services made available by the company. Ensuring these two aspects has become increasingly complex and the time dedicated to this goal has a negative impact on productivity and business. Operating environments now include remote offices and mobile users, on-premises and cloud infrastructures, and the complexity of mission-critical application solutions such as ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, and e-Commerce has drastically increased. The LION® Performa service allows to quickly identify the end-user suffering starting from perceived performance problems and researching the causes. 



  • Ensuring the performance and availability of “mission-critical” applications
  • To arrive at the solution of the anomaly in minutes and not weeks
  • Evolve from a reactive approach to a proactive support model
  • Improve the application rollout process up to 6 times
  • Eliminate the “War Rooms”
  • Availability H24, 7/7
  • Direct interaction with the NOC (Italian and English)
  • Collaborative management of LION® services that allows the Customer to define in a flexible way which activities to carry out independently and which to delegate to the NOC
  • Access to the LION® Collaborative Portal portal to view the monitoring parameters