Lion® Network Dynamic

The LION® Network Dynamic service for the management of network devices is supplied remotely by the Lantech Longwave NOC / SOC, connected in secure mode (VPN) with the Customer’s network. The service may include incident management, move and change management, updating of the firmware / software of the equipment present and problem determination activities to collaborate with the customer in every business need and check the correct functioning of the network detecting any anomaly before it has impacts on operations. LION® Network Dynamic aims to manage network equipment and is complementary to LION® Proactive services.



  • A team of qualified and certified specialists available to the customer
  • Availability H24, 7/7
  • Continuous updating of technology platforms based on individual company characteristics
  • Proactive support and direct interaction with the NOC / SOC Team (Italian and English)
  • Collaborative management of LION® services to allow the Client to flexibly define which activities to carry out independently and which to delegate to the NOC / SOC Team
  • Complete sharing of the monitoring platform with the Customer
  • Access to the LION® Collaborative Portal portal to view the monitoring parameters